My Second Windows Phone App

My second Windows Phone app, previously named Pretty Compass, is now simply called ‘Compass’ due to people want to be able to find the app alphabetically under C. It has been on the Windows Phone Store since the beginning of April and has already racked up more than 5300 downloads since then in 64 different countries!
Download Compass @ The Windows Store

My First Windows Phone App

My first Windows Phone App, Pretty Clock, has been live on the store for 10 days now. I started by installing my app on all the Windows Phones I could find in shops and posting it on a forum. After its first 10 days the app has received 420 downloads, 410 if you take off the 10 Windows Phones that I installed it on in shops. I think that’s an achievement for a beginners first app!
Download Pretty Clock @ The Windows Store

Bournemouth University 2nd Year

Well I’m definitely ready to start my second year at uni and I can’t wait to get stuck in learning lots of new things. I got some experience coding with JavaScript before the summer and that gave me a really good understanding of the basics so I’m hoping that it will really help me when we start learning HTML 5 Canvas. I’m also really excited to just be back in Bournemouth after a 3 month summer holiday. Hopefully the sun won’t be shy and we’ll get plenty of beach days!

University Website Redesign

I’ve just seen the new design for the Bournemouth University website and I have to say, it’s looking pretty nice! I’m very pleasantly surprised, it’s one of the nicest, professional and clean designs I’ve ever seen. It was designed by an Irish Design agency and after seeing their work I’m considering applying to do my placement there to get some great experience and get the chance to visit Ireland at the same time.

The New iPad Retina Display

After apple introduced the retina display on the iPhone 4, web pages looked unsatisfactory. Now with the release of the New iPad and other manufacturers packing their devices with high pixel density displays, there is more of a need to make websites look as beautiful as they can on these devices. I decided that I wanted my website to be retina friendly so I did some research online to find the best way to do this. Apple has already combatted this issue using JavaScript, but by doing so each time a retina device loads the web page it downloads both the low resolution and the high resolution images which isn’t ideal. I managed to come across a method that edits the .htaccess file, redirecting images requests to a php that, depending on the devices screen pixel density, would send back the normal resolution image or the high resolution image. This solves the issue of downloading both images and I have started to incorporate this into my website.

The Beach

Wow is the only word I can say. Am I really in England? You know Bournemouth was definitely the right choice for university when you were able to go to the beach 3 days this week and enjoy the sun and it’s only March!

Finished The Animation Project

The deadline is 12 noon and I’ve just handed in the completed animation along with my portfolio which I actually like! Very hard to believe. The birds are tweeting and it’s starting to get light, 5 of my colleagues are still working away to beat the deadline. I’m going to catch 4 hours sleep before I have to be up again. Tomorrow will be beach day! :)

Day of Rest

Today I’m having a lovely relaxation day to clear my head ready for an evening of hard work to finish my flash animation. The beach and sun are definitely working their magic, topping up my vitamin D and relieving the stress!

Website Redesign

Today I launched my completely redesigned website! It has been a lot of hard work but I am pleased with the end result and it is a massive step up in professionalism from my previous website.

Website Progress

Today I did some further work on my portfolio site. I added a light box to the site so that videos, games and pictures can be opened within the website without having to navigate away from it. I also worked on integrating my blog and making it look like it really is part of the website. I am pleased with what I have done so far!